Thursday, October 10, 2013

the ugly battle

There is an ugly battle going on today.  No literally, its an UGLY battle.  We feel ugly.

Can I get an AMEN from anyone?

I'm on a mission. A personal mission.  To discover true beauty.  To dispel all the lies the enemy is feeding me (and the rest of the ladies out there).  To learn who I am as a Daughter of the Most High King.  To change my thoughts and words regarding beauty.

I don't even know where to start. I guess it starts with the fact I've gained ten pounds since January.  I've become aware of my re-emerging curves (re meaning they've been there before!).  I've become aware of the tighter fitting clothes and the jean sizes going up.  I've become aware of the lack of comments on how "in shape" I look. I've become aware of my vanity.  I've become aware of my inward focus.  I've become aware on how this change has affected my attitude, my feelings about myself, my relationship with my husband...and mainly, I'm aware of how standing on the scale daily is affecting my four year old daughter and her image of herself.

As I cried out in prayer a few weeks ago (and quite honestly several times since then) I heard the Lord clearly telling me I wasn't alone but more importantly I heard Him telling me it's time to rediscover BEAUTY.


We have to learn to be WHO we are.  We have to learn to be good with who God made us to be.   We have to learn our authority over our bodies.  We have to learn how to renew our minds to what GOD says about us versus the world.

I'm journeying in.  I feel super exposed.  What I'm saying is UGLY.  But I know it promises to set me (and hopefully others) free.

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